This is not the end...

 Hello Friends,  You may be wondering where I have been on my reviews. I have a lot going on at the moment with work, VA stuff, stream and so on.  Written reviews will come back soon. that I assure you. For now I must walk back into the fire.  All my love,  Vandrah

House Goetia welcome you with some Maids and death.....

    You are a weary traveler caught in a rain storm when you happen upon a quaint hotel names Hotel Goetia. You are greeted by a beautiful maiden named Marina who offers you food and walks you to your room, but with a fair warning she bids you stay in your room. I present to you my journey through House Goetia in You've been ReMAID by CRUMVIII and the demo will be available for public play soon! The Demo lasted about an hour or so and has some replay ability to uncover every ounce or lore in the hotel.       You've Been ReMAID is a single player anime light hearted stealth style game with a bit of a horror-esc twist has you playing an epic game of hide and seek with cute maids, that will drown, burn, stab and smash you to death, with a smile on your face of course. Navigate your way through Hotel Goetia to solve mysteries, puzzles, hide from the Maids and evade the brutal sentinels on the way.       I loved the atmosphere of this game is cozy anime chic mixed with that feeling

She's Bloody angry, with razor sharp teeth. KAMLA is coming for you....

Kamla is the first Indian Horror game to be published - it was developed by the team at MadMantraGames and was released May 7th, retailing for $11.99. It took me about 3.5-4 hours to beat the game. I was provided a key by the team- thank you so much MadMantra Team!  There is one thing that makes me the most uncomfortable when playing a horror game and that is the piercing sound of silence, and let me say THAT coupled with the faint hint of jingle bells and the unmistakable guttural breathing from the aforementioned Kamla - makes my skin crawl. The sound work in Kamla was rich, layered and well used, this pairs well with the stunning visuals laid out my Kamla's designers! When I first started exploring the Haveli or mansion where the story of Kamla takes place, the jewel toned colors inside the home and the wrecked and decrepit nature of the home spattered with blood, I counted at least 4 different places were innocent lives were taken.  The game play is fairly easy to navigate, the

Dye the Bunny...AGAIN

When I think of Bunnies - I think of bunnies I think of fluffy little clouds, with floppy ears and adorable twitching noses, after playing Dye the Bunny 2 - bunnies for me are amalgamations of horror to the nth degree as all I can picture now is a 7ft tall fluffy monster. Dye the Bunny is a bite sized atmospheric horror game created by none other than Mr VidasTimore, it was released on April 13 2023 on steam for $6.99 and clocks in at about 2 hours. For this review I will be using a 5 star system as the game is at or under 2 hours.  We play as Ellie a young girl who is trapped in the twisted world of who I lovingly call Mr. Bunny. After the evisceration of her friend, Bunny- Ellie is tasked with getting ALL THE COLORS in order to save her fluffy demon pal! She traverses a few levels gathering up some colors and we see areas that we did not see before such as a gas station, forest home and more. There are not any enemies per say, other than the bunny stalking you through the first area,

Visions of Concrete are dancing in my head!

When it comes to an action packed game of bloody knuckles meets fisty cuffs running around a literal concrete jungle. Concrete Visions is a debut game by Sam Marshall and Published by VoxPop Games it was released on April 2nd 2024 and retails for $1.99 and took me about 90-120 min to play. The game is a PS1 style - pixelated fast paced beat em up thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat till the final showdown. You play as our unnamed hero in the town of Stonybrook, you set our on a quest to rid the town of an unruly, cruel boss by the name of Malone! His goonies line the streets and you must use your fists, bats, guns and any other method to end their reign of terror and bring peace and serenity back to Stonybrook! The gameplay is melee based, fast paced and not for the faint of heart. it uses WASD to move and R&L mouse buttons to control your fists. You can pick up a plethora of weapons (my personal fav is the bat) As you move through the multiple levels you inch your wa

Please leave my finger alone - A Memoir by the Administrator.

Imagine being so desperate to find your missing sister you sign yourself up for the same isolation experiment that she did in order to gather clues as to her whereabouts. That my friends is  exactly what happens in the new point and click horror adventure "We are not alone" from Stasis Booth Games. The game launched on March 28th 2024 and currently retails for $14.99 and has a play time of around 3-6 hours depending on how much you explore. I really enjoyed my time in WANA and I cant wait to tell you about it.  In the game you play as Riley a young woman who is on the search for her sister, Laura. Your sister signed up for an experiment with the shady corporation called the Osiris Initiative and in order to gain intel and find your sister, you sign up for the same experiment. Within a few minutes of exploring your apartment, you hear a knock at your door where you are greeted by the nicest and most amazing Administrator ever.....okay maybe she isn't nice, more cold, direc

There is a giant bunny asking me to DYE him?

Easter is a holiday where we celebrate a man waking up from an extremely deep nap by dying hard boiled eggs and making our homes smell like 3 day old farts... Dye the Bunny is a bite sized atmospheric horror game created by none other than Mr VidasTimore, it was released on April 13 2023 on steam for $1.99 and clocks in at a little over 90 minutes. For this review I will be using a 5 star system as the game is under 2 hours.  We play as Ellie a young girl who is on the hunt for easter eggs. She wanders through her back yard grabbing colorful eggs for easter. On our journey we encounter a voice of a mysterious rabbit call to her asking her to "dye the bunny". Ellie travels through burrows and tunnels just like Alice traveled through wonderland. I really wanted to see more in this installment however DYE the BUNNY 2 - Demo expanded a little bit on where the story goes from here The visuals were a mix of realism & fantasy. The realistic graphics of the home, back yard, house